I’d never heard of telo hotels

April 2012. ….the rooms in the city that rent by the hour. There are more than one hundred fifty in Buenos Aires, and it’s a mainstream business. I applaud a hospitality niche that normalizes desire. I’ve re-energized my urban lifestyle, and added comedy, salsa, and the fabulous puerta cerrada private chef dinners. My dating scene is tragically comic, but I score big time when I become friends with smart, sexy and adventurous women. We are everywhere. Subscribe to The Bachelor Blog and never miss a post.


my butt gets sore

April 2012. ….because I sit. A lot. There’s a chair in my Spanish class that holds my stressed bum for five hours each day, and that’s after three hours of laptop action with the writing. My days are full and I’m slow to socialize, but I find a jazz bar that’s a short walk from my apartment. Thelonius has live music and a retro-New York vibe. I’m there every Thursday, and most Saturday’s. The bartender’s know my name, and, of course, my drink. I forego the stool, lean into the bar, and give my backend a break.IMG_0828

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