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What Reviewers Are Saying:

“Vicki Marie Stolsen delivers a strong, smart, sexy story about defining one’s passion after years of following the rules. In this brave account of charting her own erotic map, Stolsen explores the power to be wildly curious and to declare one’s desires without apology. The Bachelor Chapters is a manifesto on becoming a connoisseur of sexual expression.”       —Elise D’Haene, writer, RED SHOE DIARIES 

What Readers Are Saying:

“Dear Vicki Marie Stolsen, thank you for being so honest, bold, sexy, and creative. I think everyone can learn from your book and in turn should buy it RIGHT NOW!!! Don’t wait people!” —Kate Alabaster

“Your message is SUPER important for the world to hear…Your passion for life and writing is inspiring. Thanks for being so completely yourself. xo” —Catherine Uehara

“Thank you for being one of my heroes in so many ways, and writing this book!”               —Mimi Perrin

“It has been a while since I sucked a book down so voraciously. The combination of your excellent writing style, brave and confident Bachelor life, humor that I can hear as if you were talking right next to me, and most of all—the truth about us humans spoken so honestly and accurately. There is more, but I am no writer. I wish I had read this book when I was thirty. Thank you for this gift to women’s sexual freedom. Enough shame already. I’m going to give both of my thirty-something daughters a copy.” —Tamara Cottongim

Donation Pledge From The Bachelor: “Like many Americans, I worked my way through college, but without the financial aid I received from the Federal Pell Grant program, it’s likely I may never have applied to University. Access to higher education is political, and it’s also social when marginalized groups are left out because of income or discrimination. Forever Forty-Four supports access to higher education by donating ten percent of profits to disadvantaged undergraduate students in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for supporting access to higher education, and the ambitions of a diverse group of students who possess the passion, capacity and vision to become the leaders of tomorrow.—Vicki Marie Stolsen, March 2014

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