“I believe in Vicki Marie and her story, she is a brave trailblazer…”


What, you've never been to a reading in a pole studio? Hah! You haven't met Vicki Marie.

With readers at Fit Poling Studio, Panama City.

Two weeks ago, I began asking people to help with the expense of translating The Bachelor Chapters into Spanish. The KickStarter Campaign shuts down on July 11th, and I’ll send you a book—or other cool things—when you pitch-in on this project.    Seventeen angels have jumpstarted this challenge, and I’m going to need quite a few more.

        Today, I asked some of my backers to explain why they contributed:

            “I believe in Vicki Marie and her story, she is a brave trailblazer: driven, focused and a positive role model for young woman everywhere. Her vision to take her words to other languages, starting with Spanish, is something I believe in and support by putting my hand in my pocket. Money is energy, money is love, and love is the only thing that life is about.” —Jennifer Meranto

       I’m encouraged that readers have responded to The Bachelor Chapters as more than one woman’s story. Everyone who takes this book to heart sees clearly that this memoir speaks for women in general, and for young women in particular:

        “Vicki Marie’s book is sexy and fun. However, there’s an important message here. Yes it’s about sex and about a woman’s comfort with her own sexuality. But it’s also about women taking charge of their destiny. It’s as much about saying “no” to a potential partner as it is about saying “yes.” With sexual abuse rampant here and in other countries, this is a message that needs to be shared.” —Carole Miguel

      I didn’t write The Bachelor Chapters because I thought my sexual life was unique or extraordinary; I wrote it because I knew my sexual life mirrored millions of other women’s experiences. Social stigma has kept our stories private for generations, and what I’ve done is to reignite the conversation about female sexuality, by explaining what some of us are actually doing:

          “You ask—why is this meaningful for me? I 
support you! I support your endeavors. You are an inspiration—your 
adventurous nature, your energy, your openness to new things in life—to 
an unconventional life. You are brave and you are honest. I cheer for you 
from afar. You are one of my little “lights” that I follow, which takes me 
to an unknown, makes me laugh a little occasionally, and think a little 
When thinking of you, the following words of Wu Hsin come to mind: 
    “Let there be no confusion 
being an instrument of action 
the author of action. 
In so doing, 
the natural state remains unobscured.” —Jelena Jurkovic

         Bringing this story to Spanish language readers is both a dream and a responsibility. I’m asking for you to join in—so we can engage a global conversation—between women and men—about liberation and pleasure. THANKS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION AND YOUR GENEROUS HEART! 

Follow this link to: Vicki Marie Stolsen’s THE BACHELOR KNOWS NO BORDERS Campaign to translate THE BACHELOR CHAPTERS: A THINKING WOMAN’S ROMANCE INTO SPANISH! or paste this address into your browser: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vickimarie44/the-bachelor-knows-no-borders