More Than Fifty Shades of Grey for Forty-Somethings



Book reading in Panama City, Panama

Book reading in Panama City, Panama

There’s been an uncensored conversation sparked by the publication of my memoir, The Bachelor Chapters: A Thinking Woman’s Romance.  More than just a steamy kiss-and-tell romance, and more than Fifty Shades of Grey for Forty-Something’sThe Bachelor Chapters makes the case for sexual liberation and liberates the truth: this is about a woman’s freedom to follow her heart—free from shame, free from stigma, and free from the status quo.

Last week, I started a Kickstarter campaign to pay for translation services, so we can offer this liberating story to Spanish language readers all over the globe. When you donate online, you’ll get a copy of the book, in English or Spanish, plus there are several other fabulous rewards!

Why am I asking you to contribute to this project? I thought you might agree with me that this true story that portrays sex as normal, shame as immoral, and desire as the fire that fuels liberation is a story to share with the world. When you pitch in for the translation, you weigh-in to engage a global conversation about what women want and what women think they can have: with their relationships, with their careers, and with their passion.

Learn all the details about the project at my Kickstarter Page. THE DEADLINE TO DONATE IS JULY 11, 2014

As Of Today, I Have Thirteen Backers—I Am Asking You To Join Them. Log On, Throw In Your Pledge, And Join Us To Advance Freedom And Pleasure!

 Can’t thank you enough for checking it out!