Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: Chapter 11

Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: One Chapter A Day


Chapter 11

Katsu had just finished his story about a hunting trip with yet another soft city-boy, intent on a man-up weekend in the woods with bows and arrows. These field trips were trophies for Katsu’s storytelling, as the naïve expectations of these virgin hunters generally unraveled in their first mile of prey stalking. Hunting with quills, in the ass-kicking cold of mountain elevations, is not a gentleman’s sport.

From the series, “That Ain’t Right” by Vicki Marie Stolsen, 2007

“I need your input, baby. Hear me out. I’ve got to make some changes. I’ve got to get back on the dating train—but I’ve got to do it different this time.” Katsu crossed his arms, and waited for more. I poured sake into our cups, taking a sip from mine. It had cooled down and the taste was sweeter now. I was stalling. Why was this so ridiculously hard? Katsu and I had always had frank conversations about relationships and sex.

“Here’s the deal. I finally feel like myself again. I’m finally centered. I’ve been living solo for a year and a half now, and I like it—a lot. I haven’t lived alone since the eighties.” Katsu sipped his sake and made a face; we definitely needed a fresh pour. I made the appropriate hand signals to our waiter, lifting up the carafe.

“I spent the last twenty years of my life coupled—the first ten with Beth, and the next ten with Jon—back to back— without a break. I want something different—I can’t tell you what it is—but after that last relationship with Erica, I am absolutely done with this couple crap.” Katsu nodded, the signal that he was with me. “I can’t bear the bullshit. But I want sex! Baby, it’s been months!” The waiter came between us with the sake, pouring the steaming liquid into fresh cups. I waited until he left to continue, looking across the table at Katsu, who waited patiently for the next clue.

“Do people do that? Do they have sex, and not get coupled?” I wagged my finger for clarification, “I’m not talking about one-night stands—I mean—do average, regular, sane people have uncoupled sex? I haven’t seen it—but I can tell you that lesbians don’t do it—and you know I’ve never dated men. But it seems to me that the general rule is you have to be coupled to have sex.” Katsu sipped the hot sake as I laid out the dilemma. “Wouldn’t that make me a slut? Nobody’s going to want me, right—I mean, does anybody do this? I don’t want to lie to get laid—I just want to have great sex—no, I want outstanding sex—and I don’t want to fall in love or go steady to get it.” Katsu listened until I concluded the scope of my plight. Finished, I reached for my water, and then chased it with the sake.

“Vicki Marie,” he said leaning in, and I could see wisdom churning from the other side of the table. “Vicki Marie.” His tone assured me. I had feared being judged, but I felt my friend’s open mind instead. “Look at you.” He straightened both arms across the table, his palms framing my face. “You’re hot, smart, successful—funny as hell—and you look thirty-five.” I adored him at that moment.

“You have all that going, and it’s golden.” His voice was Katsu-loud, as he sat back in his chair. “I can’t speak for women, but I know guys, so if you’re looking for a guy—well—come on, now. You got all that going on—all that—and what else?” His hands were on his thighs now, and he leaned back into the table. He looked me square in the eye. “Vicki Marie, tell me—what else do you have?”

There was something about the way he asked the question that left no doubt. Before Beth and Jon I’d had many lovers; sex had always been a part of my life. I had spent forty-four years living and loving and paying attention, and his question was a simple reminder; I possessed the ultimate antidote of all doubt.

“I got pussy,” I said out loud.

“Right!” His face lit up and he spread his arms wide. “You got pussy. It’s your world. You call the shots.”

“I have all the power.” Of course I did. I knew it was true.

“Exactly,” he agreed, with a shrug, now that it was settled. “You got pussy. Do whatever you want. You got all that matters.”

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