Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: Chapter 13

Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: One Chapter A Day


Chapter 13

Like all my early email rendezvous, Johnny Sullivan and I met at Il Bistro, Seattle’s venerable fine dining restaurant on the edge of Post Alley at the Pike Place Market. Il Bistro was old world, and evoked the spirit of a typical bistro one could find on any corner in Rome or Tuscany, with hardwood floors, brick walls framing arched windows, and a mirror-backed bar holding the largest single malt scotch collection in the city.

Hanging lamps with Victorian fabric shades gave the room a warm glow, and the marble topped tables were lit with candles.

I became a regular there in that winter of 2004, and Tuesday was my unofficial date night—same table, same cocktail—I even wore the same dress. I was conducting research into the possibility of sex outside of coupling, and Il Bistro was my laboratory; although I’m sure the other customers mistook my lab for the party table in the room.

Vicki Marie at the Preview for her Exhibition, "That Ain't Right" 2007, photo by Robert Wade

Vicki Marie at the Preview for her Exhibition, “That Ain’t Right” 2007, photo by Robert Wade

By week three, the bartender was onto my game. When I sashayed past the bar to my table, he broke into a smile and began mixing my martini just the way I liked it—Tanqueray, stirred, with three olives. The dress I wore each week was a deep blue and black Lily crepe number, found in Paris, that first trip with Toni. It was form-fitting, cut on the bias and fell to mid-calf. The length was unusual for me—I specialized in short-shirt fashion—it was the only below-mid-thigh dress I owned. I’d decided to spotlight elegance, intelligence, and humor as my primary bait: brain first, body later. This was like a game to me, but my intentions were dead serious, and I wanted to be thoughtful about what I was trying to accomplish. I was making it up as I went, and I came up with some guidelines to keep me on track:

No sex on the first date. This was an interview, not a hookup.

No married men. I was in search of authentic interaction with adults, and not the coward crowd who rationalized cheating and lying.

No unemployed or underemployed. I didn’t expect a man to always pay my way, but I definitely wanted to be treated like a lady upfront.

No fat physiques.I was looking for a view to turn me on, and the endurance of an athlete to keep me going.

No misrepresentation on my part. I knew many men were on the hunt for their next wife, or a soul mate, so I felt obligated to explain what I meant by a meaningful connection, and I made it clear that I was nonexclusive.

I conducted my research with a sense of humor, and a grad student’s commitment to over achievement. I wanted mature, sexy, intelligent men in my life—with an emphasis on the plural. I wanted outstanding sex; I wanted rock solid integrity; and I wanted my independence. Was it possible?

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