Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: Chapter 17

Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: One Chapter A Day


Chapter 17

While the car gymnastics with David had affirmed the pussy-as-gateway thesis, there was one glaring absence in the panty-snatcher episode. I hadn’t told David about my brand of nonexclusive dating. Could that be what had skewed the results with the subsequent subjects? Was Sergio right that the anti-monogamy component—and the fear of competition— was a serious turnoff? There was no denying that when I’d been upfront about the open relationship rule, men had vaporized. All evidence was supporting Sergio’s insight, but that didn’t stop me from feeling confident about a second date with Johnny Sullivan. Until that changed too. Four days after our first date, he hadn’t called either.

"Did I want too much? Or was I too much?" Not in this crowd—checking out the Erotic Art Exhibition, Seattle, 2010

“Did I want too much? Or was I too much?” Not in this crowd—checking out the Erotic Art Exhibition, Seattle, 2010

I refused to believe that my date with Johnny was going to lead to nowhere, so I conjured up reasons to explain his silence. The man was a hotshot media operator for crying out loud. Maybe he had landed an unexpected gig; maybe he had even left the country. Still, I was bugged. I had been on enough dates to know men were capable of vaporizing. But none of the other guys had captivated me like Johnny Sullivan; I thought we had a real chance to share something special. By day six, I needed confirmation that he was still an interested party, so I bent my rule and sent him an email.

I opened his reply, which began with an apology for the time-lapse. Excellent, just as I thought, the man’s been busy. I read further. Uh-oh—really busy! Johnny Sullivan explained that after our promising first date, he’d gone on to meet his heartbroken girl-buddy, and she’d presented an alternate plan— which apparently had worked out just fine for him. They had spent the entire week fucking their brains out and stitching up their romantic tapestry; in other words, I’d been pussy-blocked! The exceptional Johnny Sullivan had a girlfriend!

I left the computer to refill my coffee, shaking my head in disbelief. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, especially when I thought about Katsu and Sergio, who would both be doubled over by the latest twist in my pitiful plot. Pussy-blocked! Was there no end to this frickin’ drought? To hell with meaningful connections: was I ever going to get laid again in this lifetime?

I sat down with my coffee to read the last paragraph, where Johnny Sullivan started by thanking me for the evening. But then he told me he had been uncomfortable with my invitation to meet in a glamorous venue. He thought it was, “honestly, kind of weird.” His implication was clear. Even if he didn’t have a new girlfriend, there would be no second date, and my face burned from the rejection. I couldn’t be hurt over a man I hardly knew, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t sting. My mind flashed to Toni, and the mystery of why she had left me. Then I thought about what Sergio had said. “Men are simple, Stolsen. And you’re too much.” Maybe my idea for multiple meaningful connections wasn’t just an unsuccessful experiment; maybe it was a figment of my imagination. Did I want too much? Or was I too much?

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