Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: Chapter 40

Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: One Chapter A Day


Chapter 40

The bathroom in the warehouse space was sensual and tactile, the walls decorated floor-to-ceiling with tribal and aboriginal artifacts crafted from bone and wood. A salvaged claw-foot tub dominated the room, enormous in scale, able to hold two soaking bodies in comfort. Windowless, the room was illuminated with random pools of amber light, carving shadow shapes that mimicked the handcraft on the walls. I had lit candles, and the subtle flicker added animation to the space.

The tub was full of hot water, and I was bent over, working the faucet, adjusting the temperature for our soak. I heard Shaun come into the dim room, and knew he would be excited by my naked profile, so I made no move to greet him while his eyes adjusted and took in the view. When I did turn to look, it was my turn to stare. He was naked, and erect. I never took for granted my power to inspire that fierce reflex; it always thrilled me. The ancient objects on the walls, the pool of heated water, the dance of amber light, and the rigid capacity of the black man before me ignited my senses and seized my mind.

Writing The Bachelor Chapters in Barcelona, 2013

Writing The Bachelor Chapters in Barcelona, 2013

He stepped behind me, gripped my slim hip in one hand, and his dick with the other, and then deliberately pushed apart my naked lips. He traced the length of his shaft from my clit to my ass, back and forth, firm and certain, milking the wetness from me. Both his hands had my hips when he shifted my ass, the new angle now the perfect geometry for the inclination of his erection. I let my hands leave the rim of the bath, found the tub floor with submerged arms, and submitted my ass more fully to his gaze. I wanted him inside, but he had other plans, sliding his dick back and forth, and stirring anticipation with each stroke.

The warm water teased just below my nipples until he finally pushed inside, a forceful entry that slipped in easily, filling me up with all he had. Shaun made a guttural sound as he felt my muscles grip every nerve of his dick. I had come to treasure that moan of first entrance, that sound of fundamental gratification. It was a private moment for a man, not possible without the wet, pouty pussy; but ultimately the incomparable reflex to a self-centered reunion. I reveled in the selfish tone, embraced it as a beacon, a signal of transcendence.

Shaun began the simple strokes that delivered so much sensation, pulling my hips toward his dick, then pushing my hips away, thrusting steadily with his pelvis, driving his dick to full depth, steering without pause. The rhythm transferred to the water, and a tide began to swell; warm waves slapped against my nipples, smacking wet heat against my belly, splashing warm water onto his dick and lapping my clit between my legs. My face was soaking and my hair clung to my skin in thick bands. Shaun became fiercer, turned on by the hot water and my pussy, and how it took every inch of his force. The storm water surged, and the waves splashed, escaping the enclosure of the tub, over the rim and onto the wall. He drove faster, squeezing my ass, pushing deeper, spilling more water, until he shouted when he came, telling me and God and the devil himself that the eruption was imminent, that nothing short of death would prevent his pleasure, and that nothing short of heaven had delivered him to that moment.

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