Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: Chapter 57

Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: One Chapter A Day


Chapter 57

The first time Andre had hard-on failure, I dismissed it as the result of liquor abuse. Everyone knew that liquor could lead to limp.

The second time it happened I was annoyed. Not because he was limp, but because I was rubbed the wrong way—literally. His strategy for re-arousal was to rub and to mash his soft dick into my pussy lips, forever. He just kept at it, and at it, and at it. I tried my best to be helpful, pushing back, breathing heavy, moaning, like I had a rock hard dick between my legs, to try and inspire a rock hard dick between my legs. I couldn’t believe he didn’t try self-stimulation. I wondered why he didn’t try a different position. I thought he must be a fool not to ask me for a blowjob. You know the sex is bad when you have time to think about all that.

"Limp" is a problem: on a pole and in between the sheets.

Limp is a problem: on a pole and in between the sheets. Panama City, Panama, 2014

I had landed in some kind of brutal comedy and I was not amused. Andre Cassidy could melt me with his touch and make me tremble in his proximity: he was tugging on my love cords for Gods sake. How could the man who was luring me into Loveland not deliver on what I can’t live without?

And to make matters even more miserable, when he did finally dismount, there was not a word about the soldier that had failed at his post. How could it be that we didn’t talk about the dick that didn’t?

I had been talking, however. I had talked with Lamar, and I had also talked with Steve and Dion, and my best girls at the office. I was talking to everyone except the man who could actually make a difference. Sex was for fun and ours was a drag, which led me to the two obvious options: solve it or lose it.

The situation with Andre was a major wrinkle in my pussy paradise. I had rules about sexual activity. My partner and I had to be naturally complementary with our desires, or it wasn’t a match. I was not a fan of the, “Do this for me and I’ll do this for you,” method of sex. I wasn’t the type to assume any position that didn’t serve me, and I never wanted a partner who wasn’t equally self-serving. I simply believed that sex provided so many possible positions for satisfaction; there was no need to spend a single second in one that didn’t light me up. In my world, sex was not about charity or negotiation. It was about the greedy business of gratification. My preference is to be led, and my newest partner seemed only interested in a position where he failed to lead.

And that was why I hadn’t talked to Andre yet. His limp dick wasn’t my business: it was his business. I wasn’t going to ask him to solve his dysfunction for me; I believe I had made it clear what he could do for me when I spread my legs. At the end of the day, I didn’t want to be with a man who didn’t make his pleasure a priority, which led to the second reason I kept my mouth shut. I was avoiding the very real possibility that Andre Cassidy and Vicki Marie might not be a match.

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