Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

Two weeks later, Wouter and I were at the Century Ballroom for the free beginner salsa lesson, and the social dancing that followed. I picked the club to raise the stakes in our foreplay, betting that Wouter would be turned on even more by knowing he was dating a salsera who could sizzle with some of the hottest leads on the floor.

The beginning class was large that night, with at least eighty people. It was a hot room, with windows open and fans blowing; a real summer night in the city. We rotated partners during class, and I could see that Wouter was having fun, turning on his considerable charm and laughing with all the beginning salsaritas. We reconnected for the last dance of the class and I was impressed. He had nailed the basics.

“Look at you, Señor Salsa!” I complimented him with a kiss.

“Yeah, I think I got it—it’s hella fun—but I am hot, darlin’! You want something to drink?”

“Sure, baby, bubble water is fine. Mind if a catch a few dances with my friends?”

“Go for it sugar, I’ll be over here enjoying the view—knock yourself out.”

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J’aime le soleil! Seattle, 2011

And so I did, setting fire to three or four dances with one of my favorite leads, hoping Wouter was enjoying the floorshow. I wanted to impress him. Wouter Wilson had been on my mind, and his bright energy was the perfect antidote to the fading shadow of Andre. Our sex was yet to be tested, but he had already given me an earful of his intentions. I came off the floor and set out to snag him for a venue change to my place. But the man was nowhere to be found.

I looked and I waited, and then I waited and looked some more. I danced with another few partners, but my heart wasn’t in it. After thirty minutes I was forced to confront the truth— the man had left the building. I knew he hadn’t left the Hill because I had his keys in my purse. He had left his phone in the car so there was no way for me to call him. As the clock ticked around the dial my confusion gave way to burning annoyance. This was a first. I had been stood up many times in my life, but never while I was on a date. I lost all patience after the first hour and was ready to split—but I couldn’t—I was trapped. I had his fucking car keys.

After more than two hours, and no sign of Wouter, my indignation was absolute, and I decided to leave. It was almost midnight, and I hadn’t seen him since 9:30. Who did this shit? Making my way across the dance floor, I saw him walking up the stairs to the second floor entrance. He looked happy and handsome, and burst into a big smile when he saw me. I was relieved, but that didn’t mean I was capable of a friendly response to our reunion.

“Where have you been?”

“Oh—sweetie—it was so hot up here—so I went out for a drink.”

“You left me here, all night—to drink in another bar?” He looked surprised by my question, so I went right to the next one.

“Why didn’t you come get me?”

I saw the dawn of discovery come into his face. He was definitely not smiling now.

“I—uh—didn’t want to ruin your fun—with your friends.”

“My fun? You didn’t want to ruin my fun?” I couldn’t comprehend how that justified his absence, and I let him know why. “I’m on a date, Wouter—with you. That makes you my fun.”

He looked at me with the face of a small boy, slack with disappointment, finally understanding the gravity of the moment before him.

“But baby, you are my fun,” he said. “I told everyone in the bar how great you are.” The truth just made it worse. He’d been chatting up brand new pals at the bar, boasting about his great date down the block—all fucking night! Kyle would never do that—and neither would Lamar, Dion or Shaun. I had mistaken the fun and sexy Wouter Wilson for an adult and a gentleman. I understood then and there that his courtship had been just another heterosexual scam, and he was just another inconsiderate idiot. Like Andre and the men in his club—his actions were no match for his words.

“Take me home now.” I placed the keys in his hand and went out the door. We walked the three blocks to the parking garage in silence. I had nothing left to say, and he didn’t dare say anything. His tail was wedged smartly between his legs, and I’m sure he was waiting for me to blow up. But that’s not my style—I don’t blow and I don’t fight—not on a second date, for crying out loud. I trust people to be themselves, and if I’m not pleased with the presentation, I move along. I’ll be damned if I was going to educate a grown man on the obvious social expectation of spending time in the same bar with his date. It was only our second time out, and he had been inconsiderate and rude: end of story.

“I’m sorry,” he said as we stood at the corner, waiting for the light to change. I didn’t expect it, but I appreciated it. “Thanks.” I spoke softly, exhausted, now that my anxiety over his disappearance had drained away. I wanted to believe him. But even that wouldn’t change the fact that all of our promise had ruptured.

I was morbid on the drive home. I hated these snake charmers, like Wouter and Andre; men who were irresistible with all the characteristics I adored. I had no choice but to cut him loose; there would only be more of the same bullshit in the future. But damn it, I didn’t want to! Wouter was smart, funny, flamboyant and naughty. He was just my type.

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