Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: Chapter 64

Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: One Chapter A Day


Chapter 64

I turned my back on Wouter with a pang of disappointment, but in less than a week it hardly mattered. It was just a bad date, and we weren’t a match—there were other men on the planet. We ran into one another a few times after that, and there were no hard feelings on his side either. More than a year had passed when his call came through on a Saturday night.

Vicki Marie in Panama City, also know as Urban Poling Paradise, 2014

Vicki Marie in Panama City, also know as Urban Poling Paradise, 2014

“Ba-by,” I answered. “Look at you—calling at midnight— what can I do for you, darling?”

“I can be there in five minutes. I want you to say yes.”

“Five minutes is too soon—give me fifteen,” I said, as I made my move for the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain. That was impulsive, even for me, but I jumped in for the adventure. I hadn’t thought of Wouter in eons, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t flattered knowing he’d been thinking of me. I pulled on a short black skirt, tank top, and a spicy pair of three-inch mules. I was cueing the music when I heard his feet on the porch.

“Baby, how are you?” I fell into his full hug, stretching on my toes to reach my arms around his neck.

“Better now,” he said, holding me tight.

“Something to drink? I have wine, gin, Stella?” He followed me into the kitchen.

“Water is good, thanks.”

“Ice?” Our mood was timid. This was an unexpected reunion.

“Yeah, great.”

I brought the ice tray over to the sink, cracking the cubes out of the tray. I didn’t know what to say. It had been a year; and the man still wanted me.

Al Green’s “Love and Happiness” overrode our silence, and I dropped ice in his glass. That’s when I felt Wouter’s hands on my hips. They moved down my thighs, and circled around below my ass. He pressed into my butt cheeks with his pelvis; I felt the stiff dick in his jeans. I pushed back into him, my head against the wall of his chest.

“Vicki Marie,” he whispered into my ear, and I closed my eyes. “Woman, I have thought of you again and again.” He kissed the back of my neck, dragging his lips to my other ear, and whispered my name again. I felt comfort from his tenderness, and trusted the craving that had brought him to my door after a year of midnights. He turned me around, and brought his lips to mine. The kiss began as a soft seal of our transition—the past was over. After the gratitude came the fire, and his tongue and his lips came at me with a hunger that burned to my toes. I had never had him, yet I couldn’t believe how much I missed him.

“Vicki Marie,” he breathed my name over and over, his hands moving down my body, his face speaking into my breasts, then my belly, until he was on his knees on the floor. He brushed his face into my skirt, held my ass in both hands, and touched his lips to my naked thigh.

My skirt slid easily down my legs to my ankles, and he lifted each foot free from the fabric. He placed his face against the black lace of my thong, and I heard his deep inhalation, and felt the heat of his nose press into the fold. He held his face there, motionless. His hot breath against my pussy pushed flames into my pelvis, my hips, through my torso to my tits. My nipples were hard, primed for more. With the first pool of heat from his wide-open mouth, I spread my legs further and he fit more inside, soaking my panties like a glutton for my flavor, a gorger of my scent. I felt the blood swell my clit, imagined it filled the capacity of his huge mouth; I imagined he could swallow me whole.

As if he could hear my thoughts, he lowered his shoulders, readjusted his neck, and moved up under my pelvis. My feet came off the floor, leaving me balanced unbelievably in his mouth, my hands supporting me on the counter, as he made me ride his face. I watched until I couldn’t, my eyes open to his fierce appetite, consumed by the strength of his hunger. I wanted to hang there forever, suspended on the edge of disbelief and greed. But the draw was too great, my arousal out of my control. I could not keep myself from coming, could not even keep my eyes open; I simply could not contain for another second the pressure and the passion of his very presence in the room.

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