Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: Chapter 65

Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: One Chapter A Day


Chapter 65

“They al-ways come b-a-a-a-a-c-k, they al-ways come b-a-a-a-a-c-k!” I sang out to Cisco on Monday morning when he met me in the stretch-out room at the gym. Cisco had been my trainer for some time; he’d heard this song before.

“Who now?” he smiled, tuned in for another chapter from Vicki Marie’s bachelor album. “Oh come on, baby—where’s the fun if you don’t guess?”

“OK, you’re right,” he said, putting his hand out to bring me to my feet. “Let’s go.” We walked past the machines to the free weight room, me with my Cheshire Cat smile, and Cisco concentrating on the possibilities.

Climbing peaks in the Andes is like locating worthy men to date: perseverance will take you to the top. Peru, 2007

Climbing peaks in the Andes is like locating worthy men to date: perseverance will take you to the top. Peru, 2007


“Shut your mouth,” I said, shoving him through the doorway.

“OK, OK, my bad—over here,” he gestured with his clipboard.

“Not pull-ups!”

“Yes little-lady—super sets, with push-ups and dead-lifts— mhaaawww! IT’S MONDAY MORNING!” he crowed, always ready to inflict his sadism on his most fit clients. “Oh, I know— what’s his name, Jason?—the wine guy?”

“Strike two, loser. And for the record—I hate Monday mornings.”

I started training with Cisco in 2006 when I noticed that my clothes started to fit snugly, the year after I’d quit the cigarettes. I had seen him every Monday and Wednesday morning since.

This man knew more about my sex life than my best girlfriends; I was the absolute worst when it came to kiss and tell. My stories were too good not to share, even the rough spots. I think Cisco loved my life as much as I did.

“Wouter Wilson,” I panted out, finishing the last push-up at the end of the first set.

“Wouter? No way! The guy who dogged you at the Century?” I was always impressed with the details Cisco retained. He paid attention.

“Yes, dear. The Wouter Wilson. Live, in-person, and in my kitchen—and a few other rooms—at midnight on Saturday.” I kicked back my water, wiping my lips with my forearm, and smiled wide at the memory. Cisco returned the grin, and motioned me back toward the dead-lift station.

“They always come back.” Cisco chuckled, repeating my soundtrack. There’d been a long line of men who’d proven that fact, and Cisco had heard about every one of them. “It really is true; they always do come back, don’t they?”

“Yes, it is baby. It’s the law of the beast. Once a dog has your scent, it’s not even a choice.”

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