Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: Chapter 7

Vicki Marie’s Sexy Summer Reading Series: One Chapter A Day


Chapter 7

She climbed down the ladder, leaving me on the bed in the loft, still blindfolded. Every inch of my skin, and each molecule beneath the surface, vibrated from the sensations of our sex. My mind was suspended somewhere above the scene, having been exiled earlier when sensual greed had consumed all the energy in the room. Her seduction of me was premeditated.

Writing The Bachelor Chapters in Antigua, 2012

Writing The Bachelor Chapters in Antigua, 2012

She had transported the velvet blindfold and special candles from the sex boutique in Portland to our apartment in Paris. The splash of hot wax had teased my skin and inflamed my imagination with a threat of pain that was never delivered. She was pushing new territory—but that was only the beginning. Every day of that trip, every moment of that journey, we banished all limits; we blew boundaries to dust.

Paris was not just the backdrop for the resurrection of the love story of Toni and Vicki Marie; that infectious city inspired a renaissance of sexual creativity incomparable to any previous experience of how transcendent sex could be. Inhibitions lost all relevance. I accepted everything she offered, and raised the stakes with my own scenes. We were a team and we were competitors in collaboration toward rapture. At that moment in my early forties, I started to understand sexual response as not simply pleasure, but as capacity. I could not believe how much I was capable of feeling.

There were no words that could accurately capture our joy; it was simply clear that we were impossibly blessed. The narrative of our destiny, dormant for a generation, had germinated and was finally free to grow. At last it made sense. We were never meant to be together before then. We’d been too young; there were too many other lessons that had to come first. When we danced together on our last night in Paris, she held me close to her heart. We moved as one, once again, and when she whispered French into my ear, the love that burned between us was deeper than passion and older than our lives. “Je n’ai jamais pensé que je pourrais vous avoir, et maintenant je vis pour vows tenir dans mes bras: ce soir et pour toujours, dans l’amour et dans la vie.”

I did not speak French, but I understood every word.

“I never thought I could have you, and now I live to hold you: tonight and forever, in love, and in life.”


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